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IIIIBT Management Advisory Board

Since its inception in1993, IIBT has enjoyed a Management Advisory Board comprised of distinguished public and private sector business technology practitioners, innovators and educators.

Advisors are selected on the basis of expertise and achievements, independently of any other affiliations. Advisory Board members are instrumental to the design, conduct and management of IIBT services, and, most importantly, to their quality.

IWith the advent of IIBT's New Horizons Initiative, significant additions are underway in the composition of Advisory Board membership, the diversity of business technologies covered, and the resources available to Advisory Board members.

Especially notable: members of the Advisory Board will enjoy the opportunity to participate in the management and leadership of IIBT as well as in its educational programs and services.

Advisory Board Members Over the Years

H.E. Sir Courtney N. Blackman
Richard D. Bleach
Roger Blond
Charles E. Cape
John R. Cherbini
Joseph V. Colantuoni
William L. Dickey
Joyce Doria
Irvin E. Faunce
Dr. Ernest Hardaway
Gordon R. Jenkins
Wallace O. Keene
C. Morgan Kinghorn
David A. Mader
Van Lanier Clyde G. McShan, II
Samuel Tinsing Mok
Ward Melhuish
Russell D. Morris

Gerald Murphy

John A. Murray

Daniel J. Murrin

George Newman

Valeriy Ponomarev

B. Preston Rich
Michael D. Serlin
William L. Shelton

Patrick F. Smith

David Spiselman Leslie Stroh
Joe M. Thompson Dr. Paul Tibbits
Cornelius E. Tierney

Timothy G. Vigotsky

Harry M. West, III

Richard S. Willard

Paul Wohlleben 
Joseph F. Zimmer

Distinguished Fellows and Interns of the Institute

Robert T. Crowley,1998 1999

Robert Dell, 2000 2005

Scott Dueweke, 2004  2006

Joseph M. Giacalone, 1995 1998

Warren Master,1998

Harold R. Metcalf, 2000 2002

John Moore, 2001 2009

Nicholas Rosselli, 2004

Robert Wilberger, 2003 – 2004

Mark Zuares, 1993 1995

New Horizons

Future Management Advisory Board

Management Advisory Board additions and changes will be listed on an update basis. Each Advisor's areas of service to IIBT and other expertise will be noted.


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